Monday, October 26, 2009

Shortcuts Of Life

Having Shortcuts Makes Everything In Life Very Easy.
If There's Something You Want To Change.
Just Press Alt + E. Viola! Changes Done.
If Only Life's That Magical, (sigh)
We Would Use Shortcuts That Are Used In Keyboards Almost ANYTIME!
Life Would Be So Great. It'll Be FUN.
It Hurts When It Sounds So Right But Suddenly You'll Notice Things Are Not Going Fine.
If I Could Just Use My Keyboard.
Ctrl + Z So I Can Undo All Of My Mistakes.
Ctrl + Y So I Can Redo Everything That Seemed Right All Along.
Type In The Correct Letters Until It Ends Up GREAT.
Ctrl + S So I Can Save And Stop At The Point Where Everything's FIXED.
No Mistakes. EASY.
But Before You Do That Make Sure Your KEY-Boards Plugged In! Hahahaha

Saturday, October 24, 2009


We Are Chained.

Whatever Pops To Your Mind.
Same Things Pop Right Into This Head Of Mine.
Whatever Ideas You Have.
Same Ideas In My Head Are Being Carved.
Whatever Emotion You Feel.
Sure I'll Be Affected. My Heart's Not A Steel.
Whatever You Want To Do.
You Can Ask Me To Do It With You.
Whatever You Want To Say.
Say Everything You Want To Say,
My Ears Are Lent To You Anyway.

See We Are Chained.
You Me - Me You.
Its Just Like Looking Into A Mirror With Your Reflection.

BUT If That Chain Breaks,
Sure It'll Bring Ache.
But Whatever Happens
I Know That Chain Will Link Again.

Tell Me, Do You Feel The Same?
Or You Think Now B1's Getting Insane?
B2, Are You Thinking What I'm Thinking? :)

If YES, Definitely We're CHAINED :))

Did You Know That B1 And B2 Are Computer Students? :))


This Is Weird.
I Don't Know What To Post.
I Don't Know What To Share.
I Don't Know What To Type.
I Can't Pull Off Words Out Of My Confused Mind.
So Guess What, Here's My New Post.
Post About My Blank Entry.
Out Of Nothing.
Out Of That Blank Window,
Funny It Seems That I Still Pulled Out Something FUN! :)