Sunday, March 21, 2010


It Is 22nd Of March Today. I Woke Up 11am, Yeah That's Kinda Late Coz I Slept Late ^^. I Was With A, We Kept Our Eyes Wide Open, Stayed Late Up To 1am. We Talked About A Lot Of Stuffs Which Is The Usual Thing We Do. I Like The Fact That We Are So Open About Everthing That We End Up Opening About Things We Want To Clarify, Which We Don't Usually Bother Asking To Each Other For We Are So Busy For Some Reason. (giggles) We've Been Together For 4 Long Months That's Over A Hundred Days. Hundred Days Of Not Pure Happiness But I Can Say It Is FUN Being With Him. I'm Learning A Lot, From Words To Attitudes. (hey A, i'll be better, you just wait. we'll be great. i love you. ^^)

And It's Funny When It Comes To Topics Like Break Ups We're Just Laughing It Off. I Don't Know. Maybe That's How Much We Are Sure About Ourselves. I Feel So Light. Ooh This Is So Amazing. I Know Things Will Be GREAT. JUST WAIT AND SEE :)