Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Score Of 2009

I Dont Have Any Good Concept For This Entry.
So I'll Just Greet Everyone Instead.

Happy New Year! ^^

"It Is Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been."

Have A Great Year Ahead. 

Sunday, December 27, 2009


There Are Times I Rethink And Think A Lot. On Those Times, I See Myself, Not Only Myself But Also The Changes Happening Within Me. I Started Noticing Things Began To Turn Up-Side-Down, Before I Was So Impatient On Things, Very Short-Tempered Or Easily Angered, Before I Want Things Done My Way, Before I Always Want To Get What I Want, Before... Let's Just Say I Was So Immature. I Was Strong, I Believed I Am Strong, I Don't Fear Losing Someone Nor Leaving Them Behind In An Instant. I Am Not Scared Of Them Hating Me, Getting Mad At Me, Feeling Irritated And Annoyed With Me. Suddenly, Things Had Changed A Lot, Not Only Things But Also -- Me. Now, I Am Starting To Be Patient On Things, [But Waiting, No I Don't Think So, Maybe That's One Thing That Still Haven't Changed In Me], I Am Starting To Control My Temper, I Don't Actually See Myself Controlling It, My Emotions Itself Are The Ones Already Changing Which Is Kinda Weird, For Example: Instead Of Getting Mad Opposite Happens I Get Sad, Really Really Sad Which Results To Tears And Over-Thinking About Things. The Strong Me Suddenly Turned Out To Be Weak Now. Now, I Am So Scared Of Losing What I Have Or Whom I'm With. With Aion, I Get Sad And I Tend To Cry Whenever He Tells Me Or I Can See And Feel That He's Mad At Me, Irritated, Annoyed, I Am Scared Of Him Hating Me, I Am Scared Thinking That I'll Be Losing Him. The Thought Of Me Leaving Him Hasn't Entered My Mind Yet, And I Don't Even See It Entering My Mind Again. Things Really Turned Up-Side-Down, Maybe Before T'was My Time To Act Like That. But Know My Time Already Lapsed, The Hour Glass Has Turned, For New Things To Happen, Time For New Ways, And Time For The New ME. 

"What's Yours Is Yours For A Reason.." - NYX
Glad To Have "A".

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rethinking The Cases

For The 6th Time. I Entered A Relationship.
People Considered Me As A "Helpless Romantic" 
For The Reason That They Believe 
Everytime I Am In A Commitment,
I Am Always Considering That, THAT "Relationship" Is "The One".
Reason Why I Am Giving It My All.
Reason Why I'd Give Everything 
Just To Make That Relationship Last.
I Don't Care What Other People Think About Me,
Though Sometimes I Realized They Might Be Right After All.

I Just Can't Understand Why, Why Am I Always Ending Up Crying.
Why Am I Always Ending Up Thinking, Rationalizing Things.
Why Am I Always Ending Up Like This.


November 6, 2009 With Aion, 
I Am Observing How Far We Could Go.
I Am Avoiding The Wrong Things That I Did Before.

Let's See. We'll See. 

[DOWN] -_-

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Before This Day Ends

6th Of December 2009 
First Six, First Month

Again, A Very Great Day,
Though Near Farewells Tears Began To Exit Out My Eyes Again.
Two Things.
I Am Happy.
And At The Same Time I Felt Fear.

I Was Really Happy, Yet Again Negativity Screwed Up.
Fear Of Again Losing Another Chance.
Chance To Live Life With Someone Whom I Really Love.
Fear Of Losing The True Reason Of Happiness.
Fear Of Another Mistake. Fear That Those Fears Will Happen.
But I Am Trying To Conquer It All Up.
Trying To Win It All With Optimism.
Trying To Win It All By Believing.

After Of What He Said,
Fear Was Lost. Hopefully It Won't Come Back.
I'll Be Positive.

This Time WE Are Sure.
This Time WE Are Ready.
We'll Both Make This Permanent.
We'll Both Make This Possible.

Definitely THIS Is LOVE.

Hopefully HE's The Last
Hopefully THIS Will Last.