Friday, February 13, 2009

What Are The Good Things We Get From Reading Books About Technology

"What Are The Good Things We Get From Reading Books About Technology"

This Topic Should've Been My Topic At The Extempo Competition Last February 11, 2009, 1PM At The HR Function Hall At STI COLLEGE FAIRVIEW [College WEEK]. BUT. I Didn't Show Up! Why?? Because I Made A Wrong Piece!
Well, Since I Didn't Present My Speech On Stage I Don't Want It To Go To Waste. So, I'll Just Post It Here Instead.

[The Correct Topic For The Extempo Speech Competition Was:
The Relevance Of Book Reading In The Age Of Computer Technology]

OK Here It Goes......

Technology is now a vital part of our lives based on our generation today, and obviously technology has a great demand right now and every human in this world is witnessing the great changes happening in our world all because of technology.

So, to start off with my piece, I made up an acronym that will summarize up my speech. The word I used is LIFE. L-I-F-E.
These letters have their corresponding meaning.

Starting off with letter L - which stands for the word LEARN.

In reading books about technology, people will get the chance to LEARN. Which for me is the first step. [Everything starts from LEARNING.]

Next is I- which stands for the word INVENT.

After you learn and absorb what you have read, develop and apply what you have learned. Test yourself with an INVENTION.^^
Challenge yourself to make great new things that technology has brought you.^^

Letter F- stands for the word FUTURE.

OK, after you learn and had gone through inventing, you will be ready enough to face the new things and tests that you're going to encounter in the FUTURE.

What you have learned and what had come up with your inventing depends on the future you will have.

Last letter, which is E, stands for the word EVOLVE.
[or simply EVOLUTION]

Come up to think what the world would be without technology.
The world would've not evolved if it wasn't because of technology.

Notice the evolution of our world, and notice what technology has done to our world. It transformed it into another level of place to exist with.

So, to sum it all up.
* Get the chance to INVENT.
* Have a great FUTURE.

In Short, we get L.I.F.E. Thank You.^^

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