Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rethinking The Cases

For The 6th Time. I Entered A Relationship.
People Considered Me As A "Helpless Romantic" 
For The Reason That They Believe 
Everytime I Am In A Commitment,
I Am Always Considering That, THAT "Relationship" Is "The One".
Reason Why I Am Giving It My All.
Reason Why I'd Give Everything 
Just To Make That Relationship Last.
I Don't Care What Other People Think About Me,
Though Sometimes I Realized They Might Be Right After All.

I Just Can't Understand Why, Why Am I Always Ending Up Crying.
Why Am I Always Ending Up Thinking, Rationalizing Things.
Why Am I Always Ending Up Like This.


November 6, 2009 With Aion, 
I Am Observing How Far We Could Go.
I Am Avoiding The Wrong Things That I Did Before.

Let's See. We'll See. 

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antisocial said...

Just do what you think is right at the end you're right. No regrets, you just did the "right thing".

SHINJU.NYX said...

I Don't Know How Long Will I Stay Like This.

antisocial said...

positive negative, bear with the effects.

SHINJU.NYX said...

Positive, Negative Effect Doesn't Matter, Knowing That I Have You Makes Me Escape From Paranoia, From Angst.