Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Contained AFFECTIONS. Contained EMOTIONS.

It all starts with the so-called "introductions".
Meet HIM, Meet HER, blah blah.
Hi's hello's, eye-to-eye connections.
Then you'll get the chance to meet.
Know each others name.
Then right after,
You'll start to know each other well.
I've noticed,
In just a glimpse I've lost SOME,
but on the other hand,
I've also gained SOME.LOL[ang grammar!]
a loss of ONE in exchange of NEW ONES.
Still I'm happy, 'coz I'm [really] enjoying my life
right now because of those
"new ones" that I've mentioned earlier.
Dont have much time to specify 'em all.
[You know who you GUYS are^^]

Another lover LOST. Another lover CAME.

But this time its a bit weird I may say.
I just can't explain why.
Its just a matter of loving each other,
having NO COMMITMENT at all.
In other words,
I'm in a situation right now wherein
"I" or should I say "WE" are in a state of
containing our affection in a transparent jar.

Keeping "IT" contained. Keeping "IT" preserved.

But we've already admitted to ourselves
that we love each other.
And that's what matters most.
That's what is important.
That's what is significant

According to the quotation.
it says:
"hindi lahat ng nagmamahalan kailangan may relasyon"
WELL to tell you frankly,
there's a part of me that disagrees,
also there's a part of me that just painfully accepts
It's just not the right time I think, for US to be [ONE].
[The question is,"Will there still be a right time for us?"]
I don't have any idea. I'm confused.

I don't know if,
if we're going to contain this feelings forever. [???]
"how long are we going to be in this kind of situation?"
but this doesn't mean that I'm complaining.
I'm just letting my emotions burst into typing.
so I could spit it out of my thoughts
not through my mouth and specially not through my eyes.
I'm done with that. [done with the crying thing]LOL
After all, I don't have any reason to cry.
I just want to express. So that later,
or the day onwards I would feel slightly enlightened.
Less stress. Free to enjoy and laugh.
I dont want to express this "stuffs" through any other means.
But only by the means of typing. Typing out what i feel.

Yah I know its kinda korny.
Lets just put this into perspective.
Try putting yourself in the shoe of the blogger[ME] haha.^^


Dhimzydhimz said...

ei watz up...
tama nga ung kasabihan na hindi lahat ng nagmamahalan ay may relation....
but come to thnik of it??
pabor kba dun??

well for me, being in dat situation, i guess its better to tell him wat u rily feel, anything dat will give ur heart in peace.. i mean masasabi mo talagang less stress (ROUR) life is too short so make the most of it guys...

so far masasabi ko lng sau (MS. BLOGer) hmm alam mo na un.. hehehe ( nO K_I_O NO CRY )(LOL)
gud luck gaya ng sabi ko, nandito lng ako.. hanapin mo lng ako im sure magtatago ako.. hahaha
joke lng... ghe NYX be happy

princelvis said...

sabihin mo nga kay Mister M mo yan bwahahaha

Lieallan said...

"The feeling is truly love, but if you transcend love, it becomes hatred."

maraming oras at maraming bagay ang dapat pagkaabalahan...tulad nito LOL

paano mo masasabing masaya ang isang tao kung di to nakangiti?

paano mo masasabing kuntento ka na?