Thursday, November 27, 2008


Badtrip. Argh. I have this very irritating dry cough which was itching inside my throat for a week now. Hmm. Today, I'm in the mood of talking about something that I've longed to share. It's about a dream which was kept and preserved inside me.


When will I gain confidence?
When will I be confident enough to perform?
[Yikes I don't even know if it'll happen] LOL

Well, I've got this skill [naks naman!] that I'm hiding for TWO years now.
Problem is I can sing. But I can't tell myself that I can!
It is my dream to perform live on stage. Sing in front of a large crowd.
But. BUT! I lack of confidence.

Two consecutive opportunities and chances came.
Unfortunately, it didn't happen still.
There were two bands who invited me to join them.
And they want me to be their "lead vocalist".

You can already guess what happened!
I rejected their offer.
I refused. Becccccause.
I'm confused, scared and I'm shy.
I'm scared of critism. LOL

I know. I know. I can't blame those who wouldn't appreciate me.
Well, maybe its just not for me.
You know what I mean? But It's really one of my dreams. Maybe. Someday. Soon. I wish. Haha

There's just one thing that I'm putting inside this head of mine.^^

"You cannot please EVERYBODY. If you try to please ANYBODY.
You'll end up pleasing NOBODY."
- Pearl

I have already composed my own songs, I think I have 10 songs here with me.
And whenever I'm bored, I tend to sing my originals. Haha^^

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princelvis said...

may duet pa tayo oi. lack of confidence pala ah :))